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Does divorce create long-term negative effects for children?

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Researchers are now more than ever interested in how divorce affects children, more specifically the long term negative effects. 

In the past, there was very little research done on this topic. The most extensive research done was in California in 1971.  Researchers found the reactions of children to be tied to their ages.  Younger children were more affected at first, but as time went on, gender differences became noticeable.  Boys started to become more effected than girls after about 18 months after the divorce.  After ten years, females started to display negative effects in relationships. 

            In today’s society, divorce is a more normal concept.  No matter how normal divorce may seem to be, it is still a hard time for children.  The extent of the divorce plays a major role in the outcome of effects on the children and while every child reacts differently, siblings seem to show similar effects.

            Between the 1980s and the 1990s, there was a dramatic desensitization for children toward divorce.  However, the increase was very small between the 1990s and the year 2000. 

            In the future, children will still have all of the feelings and emotions they have today.  There will also be more therapy for families, children, and couples.  This will not only help the children, but the families as a whole. 

            Will the effects of divorce on children ever be reduced?  Or will it always remain the same as it is today?  Studies will always be continuing, and our society is improving.  One day children may not experience divorce as harsh as they do today.

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