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Does divorce create long-term negative effects for children?

Meet Our Group

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Our group consits of
* Krista Frazee is  a third year psych major, from Moncton N.B. She is 30 years old.

* Melaine Mailloux- AKA "the Frenchy", is 28, and from
Chicoutimi Quebec, Melanie ismajoring in Psychology, and she works as a flight attendant (for Air Canada).

* Eric Atkinson is a 24 year old arts student majoring in History. He is from Chester, Nova Socita.

* Sarah Smith is from Halifax, and she recently had her wisdom teeth removed.
* Peter Ungurian is a 21 year old arts student. He is from Halifax and enjoys sports, music, computers and the outdoors. 

* Michelle Davison is a  20 year old Psychology major.she livss in Windsor Junction N.S. Her favorite color is yellow
* Ashley Buckle is a transfer student from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in her hometown of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. She is ctudying Psychology and her favorite colors are orange an yellow.

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